1. Variation. which is french for diffrrrnt.

  2. This is something to accompany an article in the Shambhala Sun. Thanks to AD Andrew Glencross. The article is about reading the story of Frosty the Snowman to a child with cancer. Its actually isn’t as devastating as it sounds.

    I’m thinking of using the image as a non-ironic Christmas card. I know. Sincerity hurts.

  3. Oh, colour. I so often love you when you play hard to get.

  4. i like the dad on the right. On the left are colourful scribblings made with my friend’s art supplies. I was packing them up. She’s no longer with us.

  5.  Welcome to bleak city. Population: Us

  6. This is an old sketch. I remember i brought home the Antony and the Johnsons’ i am a bird now. that was around 8 years ago.

    Gave up on the hands i see. Some thing never change.

  7. back to figure drawing.

  8. sleepers at a bus station in Puglia.

  9. Old sketch.

  10. I just found this old print from school. Sometimes i wish i could do intaglio again.